Frequently Asked Questions

1Does FBC have shuttle buses?
Open Air Trams pick up directly across the road.
2Does FBC have showers?

We do have shower facilities. We have recently upgraded our shower facilities to add more showers for you to use. Shower tickets (for individual showers) are $3.00 each and may be purchased when you check in at the beginning of your stay or at any time during your stay.

3Does FBC have electricity?

We do not offer any electricity. We do allow you to use your generators 24 hours.

4Are the rates per night or for the week?
The rates are for the week. We will open the Saturday before race weekend at 9:00 A.M. and the week will go through Monday at noon.
5Can I make a reservation over the phone?

We do take reservations via credit card over the phone. We also will take personal checks and money orders through the mail. Print off the reservation form from our web site and mail it in with a check or money order. Please note that if it is close to race time check the dates that we will stop taking personal checks. Also, if you are interested in a Select Gravel Site, Water Hook-Up or Extra Large Site please call for availability.

6Do I need reservations?

Reservations are required for Select Gravel sites, Water Hook-ups, and the Larger regular sites. We do take reservation for the regular sites and with a reservation you are guaranteed a site. Having a reservation for the regular sites also makes the check in process much faster. Although the regular sites are not assigned many campers pay for their site upon arrival, but that is a chance that you can take with us being sold out. The Spring race is not as crowded so we normally don’t sell out of regular sites. The Fall Race seems to be more crowded so I would suggest making a reservation or calling to make sure there are plenty of sites available.

7Are all sites specifically reserved?

Larger Sites (2,000 sq ft) are assigned and flat and solid ground. The water hook-ups and select gravel sites are also assigned. The regular sites are laid out and you pick your own site upon arrival. If you do make a reservation you will be guaranteed a site. You can pay for the regular sites when you arrive. We ask that you print off the reservation form from our web site so it will make the check in process faster and you don’t have to fill one out while checking in.

8Can I save a site for a buddy coming in later in the week?

Site can be saved and marked off ONLY if it is paid for in advance. All sites must be paid for before being marked off.

9Who provides security for FBC?

Security is provided by the Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office, instead of local security companies.

10Can I have a non-street legal vehicle?

Yes, if you are responsible. Please follow this link to read the rules regarding the non-street legal vehicles at Farmer Bob’s Campground.

11Can we have visitors during the week?

Yes, you may have visitors come during the week, but they must purchase a vehicle pass under your campsite reservation. Please keep in mind that each campsite is only allowed two vehicle passes.